Payment System “GORA PAY”

Payment system GORA-PAY is a part of the GORA token ecosystem. Besides traditional solutions such as opening multi-currency accounts, transfers between individuals and corporate entities, online and offline payment for goods and services, issuing of credit cards and so on, our users can also pay directly from their crypto account.

How will it work? The user downloads GKeeper (this is a product of the GORA ecosystem — currently being developed) — a mobile crypto wallet app, where you can buy, sell, send and receive tokens and NFTs.

After GORA-PAY has been launched, GKeeper will enable you to buy any tokens with your credit card.

Here are some basic features of the GKeeper app with integrated GORA-Pay:

Buying and selling cryptocurrency and NFTs also using fiat currency.

Money transfers.

Paying for goods and services using your GORA-PAY fiat account balance and your GKeeper crypto account balance.

ow or zero fees for fiat and crypto transactions.

Up-to-date crypto exchange rates, and much more.

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